About Us

Stahr Design/Artistic Aviation's shop and design studio is located in the beautiful hills of southwest Eugene, Oregon. Since 1983, we have designed and custom painted over 1000 motor coaches, tractor- trailer rigs and aircraft, along with hundreds of smaller custom units such as specialty and tow vehicles. We’ve even created a 6-foot tall fiberglass hot rod duck!  In 1995 we started producing artwork and custom paint designs for aircraft, which has now become our main focus.   


Our innovative creations are grounded in classic design, which is the first and most important facet of a Stahr Design/Artistic Aviation paint scheme.  It starts in the studio where the design is worked up with input from both the client and the designer. Colors, textures, themes, artwork and logos all come together to create an exterior which makes a statement…the all important first impression.  Everyone is bound to notice the exterior - this is why the design is so important.  On the leading edge of new paint techniques and materials, we strive for that final distinctive look.  Many people say they can spot our signature designs from across the ramp or parking lot. In this world full of knock offs and tacky trends, it is nice to know you can truly own an original!  




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Contact us: jstahr@stahrdesign.com -or- 541-954 2085 (cell)