How We Work

From start to finish, experienced professionals take great pride in delivering a finished product you will be proud of.  


The Design Process

Every client has an idea of what they are looking for, and we can bring that out with creative customer interaction. During our conversations, a series of digitally created drawings are made that explore different elements of color and design. Once a final design for the side elevation is complete, top, bottom and end views are finalized. 



We then select colors that will work in harmony from a large bank of color samples.  If necessary, sample panels can be painted using the chosen colors on the actual surface materials to show you how the finished product will look.  There are specialty paints developed for different applications, and we use the best available for each project.  Whenever possible, we use the BASF product line.  These high tech paints are designed for the detailed and efficient application of special effects and custom artwork.  In addition to custom paint work, we can create digital applications for ease of changeability or unpaintable surfaces.


Preparation and Paint

Preparation…the tedious but critical steps of preparing surfaces for painting are too many to list here, but each one is as important as the one before. The painting phase most often utilizes the basecoat-clearcoat technology developed in the automotive world. After proper cleaning, priming and adhesion coat sealer, the first color is applied.  The design determines the process going forward. Some jobs are base painted all over with the primary color, and then graphics and artwork are added on top.



Other designs involve painting the smallest stripes, or pinstripe outlines first, then doing a layout, followed by the successive colors. 



After all the graphics, artwork, and detailing are complete, the polyurethane clearcoats are applied. When specified, wet sanding and re-clearing produces the ultimate finish. Final polishing and detailing finishes the process. 




To view a series of 'in progress' shots, click on any of the following projects:


Lancair IV

Global Jet 



The Bottom Line 


The custom painting process is usually complex, making each project a one of a kind creation.  Reflections of individual tastes are a big part of what makes each job an original.  Costs can vary greatly and are relative to the time involved, condition of existing surfaces, and degree of complexity.  Jobs can be completed at our studio/shop or at your paint facility.

Working worldwide with other paint shops, we have executed designs from Scheme Designers when the level of complexity exceeded the ability of the local painters.  Each job estimate is developed upon the completion of the conceptual drawings, taking into consideration the complexity and size of the graphics, artwork, and condition of the existing paint surface.  A written agreement covers all aspects of the project. 


We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and discuss your project. Give us a call with your idea or concept…it’s time to take flight with your dream!

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